Promoting women in tech is on the top of the agenda in for example the UK and the US. But the Netherlands is lagging behind. “It seems like entrepreneurs aren’t aware of the very clear statistics”, says Joëlle Frijters at Inspiring Fifty.

Major studies from for example Catalyst and McKinsey repeatedly show that more women in boards and more women in tech increases diversity, profit and stable growth.
Joëlle Frijters at rolemodel network Inspiring Fifty argues that companies are doing themselves a favor by hiring more female staff: “More women graduate from university and they also get higher grades. The clear focus on hiring men makes you miss out on 50% of all talent.”

Looking for similar people
“We have been looking but cannot find any women” is an argument Joëlel Frijters doesn’t buy: “Seniors are often men and they tend to look in their own networks and people who resemble them – that’s how we all work. And who will they find?”
So what’s the best way to speed up change: quotas, role models or rewards? Check out the video to learn more.