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MoCo is a CM initiative that uses the power of connection to bring passionate and innovative people together, online and offline. We collaborate with partners from all over the world to create memorable and inspiring conversations that drive business forward in mobile and tech.


We invite mobile experts from around the world to our MoCo studio in Brussels to share their views on cutting edge mobile tech. We share it with you on our Youtube Channel.

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We support you to host your own MoCo community MeetUp in the place of your choice. This allows you to connect with the right people at the right time around topics that matter. More info?


November 6th, 2017


October 17th, 2017


October 10th, 2017

The Hague

June 22, 2017


We collaborate with global thought leaders around the topic of mobile and tech. The blog assists everyone in the community to access current and valuable knowledge.

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    Advisory Board MoCo Moments

    We need to collaborate in order to create. Please meet the Mobile Experts who support the MoCo Moments community to move forward.
    David Skerrett
    David Skerrett Managing Partner at Nimbletank, most awarded UK Mobile Agency
    Kimo Quaintance
    Kimo Quaintance Co-founder and Education Strategist
    Stefanie Palomino
    Stefanie Palomino Management Director at the Red Lab
    Jeremy Tai Abbett
    Jeremy Tai Abbett Design Partner, Creative Evangelist, ex Google
    Mark Brill
    Mark Brill Lecturer and Consultant in Digital, Mobile and IoT innovation