One might think that mobile always comes first. But some businesses seem to be ahead of their time.

One such company is Amsterdam based Deskbookers – the equivalent for meetings and conferences. The company has taken the decision to focus on their site instead of their app, after learning what their users need.
“99% of everyone who use us have never booked a meeting room online since it is such a new market. They feel safer with a big screen, and we just want to make our customers happy”, says Rens Bekkers at Deskbookers.

Millennials growing up
But dropping the mobile first ideal is not an option, he argues. Keeping it offers customers a lot added value, once the users are ready.
One thing that matters is that tech savvy millennials are growing up, according to Rens Bekkers: “All more people who are in the state to book let’s say a conference room, are totally comfortable with doing everything in an app.”