On Thursday June 22nd, the Moving Forward event of MoCo took place in The Hague. We are looking back on this meetup about online security. How can you protect the online privacy of your company, employees and customers?

Protecting your privacy
Christiaan Solcer, CMO at StartPage, was the first to take the stage. The mission of Startpage.com is privacy. StartPage.com combines search results with total protection of privacy. No IP-addresses are stored and no personal data is collected or shared with third parties. Christiaan Solcer explained how you too can take back control over the online privacy of your company, employees and customers. Or do you already know what exactly happens with your search queries?

During the round table discussion in between lectures, privacy was the main topic. Daan Rijnders (Municipality The Hague): “It is great to be around advocates of privacy who bring fierce discussions and around people who look at privacy from a more pragmatic perspective, looking for technical solutions.  This substantive meeting will therefore help us move forward in the city’s ambition to play a key role in cyber security and privacy.”

Hacking computers and stealing identities
The second inspiration session was led by Maria Genova. Maria moved from Bulgaria to the Netherlands when she was 19. Here, she studied Journalism and worked for several newspapers and magazines. Next to that, she wrote the Dutch bestseller “Komt een vrouw bij de h@cker” about stolen identities. During her lecture, Maria stresses how easy it is to hack computers and steal identities. She also revealed how employees, mostly out of ignorance, even contribute to fraud within companies.

Maria Genova: “Many people got scared. They realized how importance privacy is and that they have to protect more data. Because if they don’t, they may end up in the wrong hands. To prevent this from happening, always keep your systems updated. If you don’t, you’re actually opening the door to hackers. Also, refrain from using the same password for all environments. Use a password manager like LastPass so you only have to remember one password. All the others will be safely secured behind that one.”

Biometrics and behavioural characteristics
The final speaker of this meetup was Rob van der Staaij, lecturer Cybercrime and Cybersecurity at the University of Groningen (the Netherlands). His main fields of expertise are cybersecurity, IT risk management and identity- and  access management. As we all know, passwords are no longer enough to protect us from cyberattacks. So at this MoCo meetup, he explained the spoke about how the combination between biometrics and behavioural characteristics, and the continuous monitoring of these, can increase the reliability about the true identity of the user.

MoCo meetups to come
After this inspiring meetup in The Hague, we’re already looking forward to the coming MoCo meetups we’ve got planned.

Also want to join a MoCo meetup? Check out the MoCo Moments schedule for more information about the themes and speakers. Interested in organizing your very own MoCo meetup? Watch this video on the organizer of MoCo Dubai for his experiences, or contact us directly for the possibilities. info@mocomoments.com