Dutch grocery delivery startup Picnic cannot be used by everyone. Not even by the people who work there.

Picnic claims to be the cheapest grocery shop in the Netherlands, and on top of that you get the delivery for free. So what’s the catch? It turns out some of the employees need to support competitors in order to get their groceries over their doorstep.

Typical Dutch city
The reason is that the company doesn’t deliver in all Dutch cities. Capital city of Amsterdam being one of them, home town of Picnic mobile tech lead Lars Lockefeer.
“I know, it is weird – I have to go to our biggest competitor every time”, he laments.
The reason is that the Picnic infrastructure first was designed for what Lars Lockefeer describes as the most typical Dutch city structure: Amersfoort. Based on that, the concept has expanded to cities like Utrecht and The Hague.

“A kind of bus route”
“Picnic is a special grocery shop in the sense that we deliver following a kind of bus route, as opposed to delivering by cab”, he explains the importance of the city’s character.
So when will Lars be able to order his own groceries at Picnic?
“I don’t dare to say when. But we are working hard on it. Soon!”