Enthusiasts argue that the Hololens soon enough will save loads of money, time and lives. But even the most eager proponent admits that there are limitations.

“There’s this idea that humans wouldn’t feel safe with robot nurses or a Hololens physiotherapist. But those who actually have tried it are very enthusiastic”, according to Hololens expert Dennis Vroegop.

A typical example is an experiment with people in their 90s, who got their balance and confidence back by training with a Hololens, in their recovery after falling accidents.

“Real flesh”

But one must be aware of that the Hololens cannot replace all real life actions, says Dennis Vroegop: “It is a very pedagogical and cost efficient tool for future surgeons, to practicing cutting and sowing on hologram bodies. But I’d never want someone to put a knife in me without complementary training on real flesh.”