By measuring and monitoring everything that’s going on in their bodies, biohackers claim they can live life to the fullest. That constant data collection only would be an additional stress factor, is strictly rejected by Teemu Arina.

“We are not doing this to be able to work 24/7 and turn into robots. One aspect of biohacking is the data collection, another one is to find peace, rest and get back in contact with nature”, says longtime biohacker and posterboy Teemu Arina.

Regarded with suspicion
People turning into robots is otherwise a common conception of biohackers. Putting sensors all over their homes, their bodies and even in their bodies, has made the medical community and people in general look at the hackers with skepticism.
But bleeping implants and mapping your DNA are no obligations, according to Teemu Arina, who claims that changing your everyday life habits can hack your biology. “To begin with, how many hours do you sleep? Optimizing such a basic thing really improves your quality of life.”
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