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Why MoCo

Mobile Technology

MoCo understands that the way that we interact with mobile technology and each other evolves quickly.

Global Network

We feel that it is necessary to have a personal approach to collaboration and have developed a formula to create a global network of passionate and innovative partners in mobile.


Meeting Place

This is MoCo, a meeting place of the greatest minds in mobile and technology, a platform for online and offline collaboration locally and internationally.

Founding partner

CM (the founding partner) is a skilled mobile services company offering one platform for mobile messaging, payments, voice and security. Since its foundation in 1999, CM has expanded into 7 countries and uses advanced technology to facilitate mobile interaction between companies and their customers with a strong focus on people.

In 2010, CM set up MoCo to share know-how and stimulate cross-pollination among industry professionals. We have since evolved into a cross-media platform with physical meetups all over the world, online video reports, a blog and… you, our active on- and offline community!

The MoCo Effect

MoCo gives you a chance to get to know others who work in mobile. We want to provide a stage on which you can share know-how and enthusiasm.

Together, we give broad insights into the future mobile landscape and show opportunities for new technology and applications. We want you to leave inspired and enriched with practical tips and tricks that can be put into practice right away. By inspiring each other we can take technology to a new level, that’s why we call it ‘The MoCo Effect.’

Host a MoCo Meetup

Every good idea deserves a place in the spotlight. We would like to know about your innovative idea, company culture or cool tech feature and assist you in giving it a platform to shine.

We have developed an incredible formula to make sure that every moment of your MoCo Meetup is taken care of that includes:


Event concept manual


Venue Logistics


Email marketing


Printed branding and artwork


SMS marketing


Communication Manager

Partner up with an Existing Meetup

MoCo Shine

  • 10 complimentary tickets to share with your mobile community
  • Blog post on our online community;
  • Exhibitor table at the MoCo Meetup;
  • Your Logo on the MoCo event page;
  • Banner point at the physical event;
  • Attendees information from MoCo Cape Town.

MoCo Spark

  • 10 complimentary tickets to share with your mobile community
  • Banner point at the physical event;
  • Your logo and link on the MoCo event page.

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